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Embroidered Round Neck Lace Long Sleeve Dress

Embroidered Round Neck Lace Long Sleeve Dress

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Romantic Round Neck Lace Embroidered Lace Long Sleeve Dress>

Jumping, rotating, flying,

A nimble and free spirit in the forest,

Shuttle through the sea of flowers and head for the place you yearn for.

A large piece of vivid blue and green

Paved on light and thin cloth,

The sweet and delicate lace gently and softly surrounds the cuff,

It's like just the right flowers blooming,

Blooming brilliantly.

The soft and beautiful lace is also a little bit aggressive and unnecessarily cold,

The clever and charming elves appear more charming and charming,

The delicacy of embroidery breaks the wildness and is elegant and beautiful together with spun yarn,

Blooming clusters of charming fairy flowers,

Appears particularly lively and moving!
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