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30ml/bottle Nail Blending Glue Mixing Gel

30ml/bottle Nail Blending Glue Mixing Gel

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Fits Any Nail Polish: The sequin blend glue can be used with any nail polish glue on the market, and a thousand colors can be adjusted with one glue.
Clear Texture: The texture is clear and extensible. It can be used for blending and gradation. The blending effect can achieve a variety of cloud, stone, layering and other feelings, and the texture will not be blurred.
Multifunctional Blending: It can be blended with glitter and sequins into sequin glue, and with glitter to make glitter glue.
Easy to Use: Dilute the colored gel in different proportions to create a fine natural gradient effect.
Nail Art Supplies: It is used to fill up the uneven nail surface and make the nail surface more stylish.
Material: natural resin
Capacity: 30ml
Usage: Used to fill up the uneven nail surface/color gradation/smudge gradation/blend glitter/sequins
Packing List:
1*Mixing Gel for Gel Nail Polish

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