How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

If your wedding day is approaching and you still don’t have the ideal wedding dress style, I provides you with a wedding dress guide. Through the five most common wedding dress silhouettes, choose the style that best suits your body type and make you beautiful the most important day of your life.

When choosing a wedding dress for your own wedding, one question you usually ask yourself must be: which style of wedding dress is best for my body shape? Choosing a wedding dress is the best time to be honest with yourself. This may not have anything to do with losing weight before marriage. After all, every girl is born with a body shape. I wrote a body type summary from the five most popular wedding dress styles, you can lock the type according to your body type, and then choose the style you like, which will definitely make you the most beautiful bride.

1. Straight one-piece dress wedding dress

This style of wedding dress features a vertical drop over the torso or from the shoulders to the feet. If you have a short buttocks, tall and thin body, then this style is ideal for you. If you happen to be a minimalist, this silhouette will fully express your natural advantages and will make you look elegant in a very simple way. Remember, sometimes less is more.

2. Princess dress cut style wedding dress

If you are a lover of very feminine, fine details and a little bit of romance, then the princess dress style will undoubtedly be one of your favorite options. The standard silhouette for the princess cut style type is the cinched waist, which adds materials to the dress from the waistline. Princess dress cuts are based on many fabrics, or hemlines made from the superposition of materials that create volume and dimension (eg tulle, chiffon) and are arguably one of the most classic wedding dress styles. If you have a plump buttocks, this corset cut can hide your hips and make you slimmer.

3. Mermaid cut wedding dress


A mermaid cut wedding dress would be the quintessential sexy option. This type of wedding dress can be said to be a bold bet, because it is more suitable for girls with exquisite figures. The mermaid-cut wedding dress is close-fitting from the shoulders, and the curve of the body shape is modified all the way to the knees, reducing the elegance of the skirt, but the skirt when walking on the red carpet is like awakening a mermaid-like tail. If you want to try a few variations on this cut, you can opt for a style that exposes the skin on the back for a more sexy and glamorous look, or cover the entire body with tulle for a more conservative and elegant attitude.

4. Empire cut dress wedding dress

 One of the longest-running gown styles in the wedding dress trend is the Empire cut, where the waistline is raised below the bust line, allowing the skirt to drape naturally from directly below the bust. This type of wedding dress will give a natural height boost, and if you are a girl with wider hips, this style is ideal for concealing your hips.

5. A-line skirt cut style wedding dress

 For those sporty girls with obvious hips and wider shoulders, you may not think of the A-line skirt cut style, but can hide the width of the shoulders through the contour of the hips. This design concept emerged in the mid-20th century, and French designer Christian Dior based it on a classic collection that effectively mimics the shape of the letter A or trapezoid. Since it is tight from the chest to the waist, and the skirt unfolds in an A-line to form a triangle, this type of wedding dress is more suitable for girls who are in motion.

 6.Wedding Gowns with Detachable Train


The long tail wedding dress is every woman's princess dream starting from a young girl. It is more suitable for a tall bride, noble and generous, because the right tailoring can make the bride's body curve to be better perfected and displayed, with fine carvings. The refined luxury and beautiful romantic atmosphere, and make the bride more temperament.

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